• 💗🐥💐💗 Flip-through of this Spring/Easter junk journal is on my YouTube channel now!  You can scroll to get a peek at some of the inside pages! 💐
This fully-loaded junk journal will be available as an Ebay auction starting tomorrow night, Friday April 10th, at 7pm, est. The 24-hour auction will end Saturday April 11, at 7pm, est.  I will have a direct link to the auction in my bio and in the YT video description box at auction time tomorrow (and will post a reminder on IG, too).
I share in the video that I will be making 4 or 5 fully decorated junk journals a year (Valentine's Day, Easter, Fall and/or Halloween, and Christmas) and they will be available through Ebay auctions.  I want to get back to making more junk journals and Kittydoris for my Etsy shop, but they will have to be simpler in design because the fully decorated ones take so many hours to make! 😃😃😃
I hope you'll check out the flip-through! You can read all the details about what went into this journal in the YT description box!  Have a wonderful day,  friends!! 💐
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  • 🐥💕🐥 I added something new to this junk journal!  A removable insert! I made a separate traveler's notebook style insert and popped an elastic band around the signature so it can easily be removed and worked in!  The idea behind it is that it is sort of a little art journal-- I put in a couple vintage coloring book pages and some watercolor paper and left it unbound so more pages can be added to it. It can be left in the junk journal or if it gets too thick, it can be a standalone journal! 💕💐
I will have a full flip-through on my YouTube channel tomorrow or Friday!  I hope your week has been going well!! 🤗💕💕💕
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  • 💗🐥💗 This Easter/Spring junk journal is one heavy, fluffy duck!! 😄  I will have a flip-through video of it in a few days (still more I want to do with it!) and then it will go up for auction on Ebay on Friday.  I will share all the details soon. 💛 💐💛
🐥🐥🐥 Are you working on any spring journals or crafty projects?
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  • This week's #theretroroulette theme hosted by @vintagevspot and @oldhappyhome is EGGS, so I had to share my favorite egg which also happens to be one of my favorite vintage things to collect (even though I just got started last year!)...Humpty Dumpty!  My collection is small for now, but I really love every piece. 💙  There is just something about his sweet face that I just adore! The Knickerbocker Humpty is my favorite (the shelf sitter in plaid) and I can't wait to add more of those to my collection! They came in lots of sizes and styles of plaid! 😄😄😄 Check out my Stories to see a collection from with lots of Knickerbocker Humptys!! It is AMAZING and what my Humpty loving heart aspires to! 😄😄😄 💙 Hope you have a fantastic day!!! 🤗💕💐💕💐💕
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  • 🐥💐🐥 Hey friends! I'm about 3.5 hours in on my Fuzzy Duckling junk journal and still have quite a bit to do! 😄 This morning I have been making fun goodies to go in the journal like this shaker box made from @kbandfriends "Easter Egg Coloring Kit box top". I love turning her vintage looking box tops into sequin shakers! 💐
Because I am so far into this one, it will be a fully decorated junk journal and will be available for auction on Ebay later this week (date/time TBA). I'm partway finished the Lucky Rabbit junk journal, but that one will probably be listed in my Etsy shop. 💐  Hope your week is off to a good start!! 🤗💕💗💕💗💕
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  • 💗💛💙 Happy Sunday!! Shelf view on this sunny morning!  I recently added the pink pay phone to this shelf above my desk! ☎️ Scroll to see a closer up pic of it!  I love the vintage lady illustration in the center of the dial! This was a "talking pay phone." There  were little records that went in the back of the phone (it doesn't work anymore) and when you dialed '0' it would play a message. I had to add it to my vintage toy collection!  Thank goodness for Ebay and Etsy right now since we can't go to vintage shops, flea markets or yard sales!  My beloved Luckett's Spring Market in VA that I go to every year has been moved to September.  Looking forward to getting sweaty and dusty walking around at all the outdoor sales when the worst of this is over! 😃💕💕 Stay well, friends!! 💐
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  • 💕🐥💕 Sewing signatures in my Fuzzy Duckling junk journal today!  I could work with these colors and images all year long!! 😄😄😄 💐  Hope you can find some time to craft today, too!! (In case you missed it, I've got a mini-class on my YouTube channel showing how to make a simple ring-bound junk journal! 😉) 💐 Have a great day!! 🤗💕💗💕💗💕
#junkjournal #junkjournals #junkjournalsignatures #vintageephemera #vintagelittlegoldenbookjunkjournal #vintageeaster #easterjunkjournal #easterscrapbook #kittywittypapercraft
  • 💕🐥💕 Happy Friday,  friends!! My mini class, 'Stacks & Layers': How to Make a Ring-Bound Junk Journal for Beginners" is up on my YouTube channel! 💐
I hope you will check it out and make a ring-bound journal for yourself or even make one alongside your kids! 🐥
This video is an in-depth tutorial, so it is more like a mini-class!  If you find this class helpful,  then maybe you will like my future classes! The doors to Kittywitty Academy are opening soon! If you'd like to get on the waitlist, there is a link to it in my bio! (If you are already on my email list, you don't need to do anything. You will get an email about the classes! My email service provider will only accept an email address one time, so you will get an error message if you've signed up for something from me before! 😉)
If you make a junk journal after watching the tutorial, I would love if you shared it on your IG account and tag me so I can see it!! 🤗💕💐💕
Please let me know if you have any questions! You can ask here or on the YT video or even send me a DM! I am happy to help! Thank you in advance, if you check it out!  Stay well, my friends!!! 💐💐💐
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  • Sharing the finished ring-bound junk journal that will be featured in the YouTube video premiering tomorrow (Fri Apr 3) on my channel!  I hope this video encourages you to check out the tutorial (it's really more of a mini-class!) and try making one for yourself!  It will post around noon, est. 🤗💕💐💕💐💕
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